Furnishing is a metafictive video installation by Montreal-based intermedia artist Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta presented as a quasi-recreation of his living space.

A companion piece to his 2020 3D animated video work Musique d’ameublement, this project expands on the abstraction of Ozaeta’s personal and reiterated living space, through the study of interior design, architecture, colors and shapes. Through the use of 3D worldbuilding, AI generated imagery and miniature replication, Furnishing primarily seeks to play with notions of liminality and the uncanny valley by treating a recreated version of his home as a digital sandbox for abstraction and rendering of the un/familiar.

By using machine learning softwares that were fed a myriad of pictorial datasets of home products, modern art pieces, color palettes, showroom aesthetics and interior design styles, the resulting images generated by this process are placed side-by-side with Ozaeta’s own furniture as a way to transform its texture and recontextualize its aesthetic within the space to fabricate a sense of liminality and uncanniness; blurring the lines of dis/comfort and the un/real.